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Students at Fairfield Intensive English Centre study the language as well as the basic skills required to prepare them for their future studies at high school or TAFE.

Our Mathematics program is designed and updated to achieve the outcomes of the IEP Curriculum Framework and the Mathematics NSW BOSTES syllabus.

Mathematics lessons are structured to cater for individual students' needs and abilities. They aim to create confidence and enjoyment in doing mathematical activities.

Our students have access to online learning such as Studyladder and Mathletics programs. These online learning programs are used in Mathematics classes to assist with the delivery of course content. Students also have 24 hour access to the content at home. This provides the perfect opportunity to practise the content that has been taught in the classroom to master their understanding of Mathematics. They also develop skills in using a scientific calculator and a geometry set in drawing shapes and objects.

Mathematics lessons provide students with knowledge, skills and understanding in the following areas:

  •  Working mathematically
  •  Number and Algebra
  •  Measurements and Geometry
  •  Statistics and Probability

The aims of Mathematics for students are:

  • To be confident, creative users and communicators of Mathematics.
  • To recognise connections between the areas of Mathematics and other KLAs such as Science,     Geography, History and English.
  • To develop an awareness of how Mathematics can be used to solve problems in everyday life.